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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Dr. Todd Coleman

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LGBTQIA+ Asian youth face unique challenges due to their intersecting identities. Utilizing Asian Critical Race Theory and the Integration Model of Stress and Trauma in LGBTQIA+ Asians, LGBTQIA+ Asian youth are likely to experience detrimental mental health outcomes due to the stigmatization within their Asian culture and racial discrimination from the LGBTQIA+ communities. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing challenges because of the closure of community spaces and increased hate crimes against Asians. Nonetheless, research on the intersectional experiences of LGBTQIA+ Asians in Canada, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is sparse. Thus, to address this gap, I undertook eight focus group discussions with 30 queer Asian youth across Canada, alongside a quantitative questionnaire to explore the participants’ mental health and intersectional experiences. Quantitative data showed that participants were experiencing negative mental health outcomes (i.e., stress, anxiety, and depression). Thematic analysis showed despite negative impacts from the COVID-19 restrictions and increased anti-Asian sentiments, the restriction allowed youth to explore their sexual orientation and gender identity. Participants also shared that the movement #stopAsianhate was empowering but excluded queer Asian voices. Furthermore, similar to queer Asian Americans’ experiences reported in the literature, participants experienced exclusion from both the queer (e.g., queer racism) and Asian communities (e.g., cultural stigmas), which seemed to exacerbate mental health concerns. As LGBTQIA+ safe spaces lack cultural sensitivity and tended to be White-dominated, more resources and funding should be devoted to queer Asian communities to create safe spaces for themselves and also educate the public about their experiences.

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