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Master of Theology (MTh)




Martin Luther University College

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Thomas O'Connor

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Thesis Supervisor


This project was designed to show the importance of the pastor’s role and actions in visiting the sick. The study is focused mainly on pastoral visitation to hospitalized patients. Interpreting the written texts of pastoral theologians and the research reports on pastoral care and practice in professional journals. I consider the pastor‘s important role as the representative of God and the symbolic nature of the pastor's role. On this basis, I discuss the pastor‘s actions in visiting the hospitalized patients. Prayer, a ministry of presence, and listening are the significant pastoral actions to the patients. In considering the patients’ satisfaction with the pastor’s actions. I found that the pastor’s spiritual sensitivity was very important for most of the patients. I consider significant pastoral actions in the role of spiritual caregiver. Based on these considerations, I refer to pastoral care and practice in Japan where I live and work. Despite facing particular difficulties there in pastoral visitation of the sick. I develop my vision of pastoral care and practice. Understanding of spirituality and reflections on the unique family dynamics in Japan are crucial.

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