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Martin Luther University College

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Robert Kelly

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Thesis Supervisor


As a way of abstract, this paper presents a study of the last meal performed by Jesus with his disciples before his death and its commandment. With a systematic approach and a descriptive style, it explores the theological and ethical positions given by four Christian traditions: namely, Orthodox, Roman Catholic. Anabaptist, and Lutheran, to Jesus’ commandment: “Do [you] this in remembrance of me." The thesis in this paper has four parts, first, that the command has four aspects: subjective, objective, subjunctive, and genitive. Second, that each Christian tradition named above have emphasized one aspect over the others arriving to different paradigmatic theological understandings. Third, that from each theological position each tradition has developed a particular ethical response. And fourth, that the tendency to make emphasis on a particular aspect of the command over the others, both it has tried to preserve the integrality of the command, however it also has threatened Christ's oneness and freedom. The text is presented in four aspects or paradigms, each one composed by the same fourteen categories, eleven of which are about the theological understanding and the remaining three categories are about its respective ethical response. The aim through this paper is to introduce a way to understand the divergent situation within the Christian tradition, and to show how by identifying the different approaches to the commandment introduced before, while it facilitates a window to come closer to the topic it also presents a way to realize and preserve Christ's oneness and freedom. As a tentative conclusion it is suggested that these Christian traditions need one another in the theological and the ethical task. Alienated from each other they become negation to Christ, to themselves. Complemented to one another it is performed the Passover in Christ, which means Christ's oneness and freedom. In Jesus’ words, “Do [you] this in remembrance of me."

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