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Master of Kinesiology (MKin)


Kinesiology and Physical Education


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Tom Hazell

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Supervise and mentor graduate process


Improvements in V̇O2peak decrease the risk of heart disease and all-cause mortality, and is predictive of overall health. This study compared the group and individual responses of V̇O2peak, as well as group responses of aerobic performance and anaerobic capacity following running and cycling sprint interval training (SIT) to determine the optimal modality. Twenty-three recreationally active young adults (males: n = 16, BMI = 27.5±4.9; females: n = 7, BMI = 23.6±3.0) completed 3 training sessions/week for 3 weeks (9 sessions). Pre- and post-testing measures included: aerobic capacity (V̇O2peak), aerobic performance (time trial), and anaerobic capacity (30 s sprint) completed both running and cycling. Training sessions consisted of 4-6 repeated 30-s all-out bouts interspersed with 4 min recovery, completed either running or cycling (2 training groups). Individual response was determined using 2x typical error for V̇O2peak only. Run V̇O2peak improved more with running SIT (+5.6%, p = 0.07) than cycling SIT (-0.3%, p > 0.99) while cycling V̇O2peak improved similarly with both modes of training (6.1%, p = 0.07). Individual responses were similar when testing was performed in the same mode of training (63% responders run group, 64% responders cycle group), but when tested in a different mode, only runners demonstrated improvements (44%). Training improved (p < 0.01) running (6.9%) and cycling time trial (8.2%), peak running speed (8.6%), average running speed (10.0%), peak cycle power (18.7%), and cycle fatigue index (8.3%) with no differences between modes. Though the present results suggest running training may demonstrate greater aerobic crossover effects, cycling and running SIT protocols induced similar improvements when tested in the same mode, and can therefore be viable training methods to improve aerobic and anaerobic outcomes.

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