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Master of Kinesiology (MKin)




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Dr. Jill Tracey

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Injury is a known inherent risk when participating in any physical activity. In particular, gymnasts exhibit high overuse and traumatic injury rates, attributed to the nature and volume of their training. The resulting injury and rehabilitation process can present many challenges, which are unique to each individual. During this time, body image perceptions may change which could potentially lead to unique cognitive, emotional, and behavioural responses. The purpose of this multiple case study was to explore body image throughout the injured female gymnasts’ rehabilitation experience and their return to intercollegiate sport. Participants included three National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1 female gymnasts aged 18-23 who sustained a moderate to severe injury. Each participant completed three semi-structured interviews. Thematic data analysis produced three main themes: 1) Social Group Influences; 2) Heightened Body Image Awareness; and 3) College Gymnastics Culture. Knowledge gained from this study could be applied to the development of intervention strategies for body image disturbances in athletes, leading to a more comprehensive and individualized rehabilitation program.

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