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Master of Arts (MA)




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Dr. Stacey Hannem

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Dr. Debra Langan

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As social awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence on university campuses has increased, it is important to understand the role of university policies in providing protection and support for the campus community and people affected by sexual violence. The purpose of this research is to analyze and compare Sexual Violence Policies (SVP) from four Canadian universities. The analysis evaluates the comprehensiveness of the policies and considers how power, and ideas of power are embedded within SVPs. Findings suggest that policies are at times comprehensive, but may be missing important information, such as including an Objectives section in the policies. Additionally, the analysis suggests that power is present and exercised through the policies in two ways: through university officials being granted discretion when investigating and making decisions related to sexual violence reports, and through the understanding of policies as a piece of common knowledge as argued by Foucault’s power/knowledge.

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