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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Simon Coulombe

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Graduate Supervisor


Racism and homo/biphobia may negatively impact the well-being of racialized LGBTQ+ newcomers. While current research focuses predominantly on negative aspects of well-being (e.g., distress, exclusion), research on resilience and positive aspects of well-being (e.g., positive affect) is limited. Although self-management strategies (i.e., activities and attitudes to improve one’s well-being) could be a key factor in promoting well-being, previous research has not addressed how racialized LGBTQ+ newcomers use self-management strategies. Further, there is limited research about the role service providers (e.g., settlement services, mental and physical health services) play in supporting these strategies. In this study, eight racialized LGBQ+ newcomers and five service providers were invited to complete a semi-structured interview about their experiences living and working in Waterloo Region, Ontario. Results demonstrate that racialized LGBQ+ newcomers conceptualize their positive and negative well-being in four primary ways (i.e., promoting health, establishing independence, enhancing social connections, and navigating LGBQ+ identity). Contrary to previous research, only a few participants indicated experiences of discrimination within Waterloo Region (e.g., prejudice, systemic racism, internalized homo/biphobia). Alternatively, many participants described positive experiences. In particular, racialized LGBQ+ newcomers indicated that, overall, service providers were supportive of their well-being in general as well as the many self-management strategies (e.g., spending time with others, staying busy, leisure activities) they identified as helpful in maintaining and promoting their well-being. Finally, service providers tended to discuss specific skills and qualities that were beneficial when supporting the well-being of racialized LGBTQ+ newcomers. Implications and limitations are discussed.

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