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Master of Science (MSc)



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Integrative Biology


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Stephanie DeWitte-Orr

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Dr. DeWitte-Orr envisioned the initial ideas, helped to refine the paper with revisions and was the one who gathered funding for all lab work.


Recently, there has been interest in the use of nucleotides in industrials feeds, with inosine monophosphate showing the most promising effects on growth and immunity. Rainbow trout and Alberta cattle are two of Canadas most profitable farmed animals, if their growth rates and immunity could be enhanced this would further improve their value. The impacts of IMP, a phytoglycogen-based nanoparticle (NP) and inosine monophosphate cationically bound to the phytoglycogen-based nanoparticle (IMP-NP) were characterized in rainbow trout in vivo and in vitro and in vitro in bovine cells. Rainbow trout that were fed an IMP-NP containing feed on average had higher weight gains, lower amounts of cortisol and significantly higher levels of lysozyme. In vitro, IMP-NP significantly increased metabolism rates in RTgutGC at the highest dose (0.14 mg/mL IMP bound to 6.25 mg/mL NP) while the lowest dose (0.01 mg/mL IMP bound to 0.39 mg/mL NP) significantly increased BT-IMF proliferation. To study the effects of IMP-NP in bovine in vitro, a novel bovine cell line was first characterized. A novel bovine intestinal cell line isolated from a fetal bovine intestine was obtained from a collaborator and successfully maintained in culture for over 20 passages. At passage 11, the cell line was positive for vimentin and smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) and negative for pancytokeratin suggesting the cells are myofibroblast in type. Thus, the cell line was named BT-IMF (Bos taurus intestinal myofibroblast). Growth kinetics experiments demonstrated that hydrocortisone negatively impacted BT-IMF growth and non-essential amino acids enhanced its proliferation. Stimulation with inosine monophosphate bound to the nanocarrier (IMP-NP) proved to enhance proliferation. The use of IMP-NP should be further examined in order to enhance growth performance in Canada’s rainbow trout and cattle.

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