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Master of Arts (MA)



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Developmental Psychology


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Dr. Tobias Krettenauer

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Thesis Supervisor


Previous research has demonstrated that emotional connectedness to nature (ECN) is one of the strongest predictors of pro-environmental behaviour (PEB). This study investigated the influence of age, gender and living context on ECN and PEB in two Canadian samples.

Study participants completed an environmental survey, which assessed demographic data as well as their levels of ECN and PEB. Project I, which contained 1251 participants, investigated what group factors (age, urban vs. rural living context, male vs. female) contributed to ECN and PEB, as well as whether ECN mediated the relationship between age and PEB. Project II, which contained 84 adolescents, investigated whether participants living in high-accessibility to nature urban settings differed significantly in their levels of ECN or PEB in comparison to those living in a low accessibility to nature urban settings.

Project I’s results revealed that ECN was the strongest predictor of PEB in comparison to the other factors. Results showed that adults displayed significantly higher levels of ECN and PEB in comparison to adolescents, and that females displayed higher levels of both ECN and PEB in comparison to males. Moreover, urban and rural participants significantly differed in their levels of PEB, but not in their levels of ECN. Project II’s results revealed no significant differences between the two urban settings being compared.

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