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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Studies in Social Work Practice


Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work

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Dr. Martha Kuwee Kumsa

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Dr. Nancy Riedel Bowers

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Thesis Committee Member

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Anh Ngo

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Thesis Committee Member


This narrative inquiry explored how youth are processing their Peace Bus program experiences two and a half years after program completion. The purpose was to gain an understanding of (1) what program components the participants reflect on, (2) how they conceptualize their program experiences, and (3) what factors contribute to their reflection processes. This research sought to address the gap in literature where little is understood about the ongoing experiences of program participants of adventure wellness programs and the processes that lead to positive changes. As the researcher, I conducted a qualitative study using narrative inquiry and poetic representation methods. For data generation, I used semi-structured one and a half hour interviews with five participants from the Peace Bus, an adventure wellness program that I co-led in 2015. Using the field texts captured from the co-constructed narratives, I crafted poetry to capture the evocative stories told by the participants. How the youth are processing their adventure wellness program experiences can be understood through each distinctive poem alone or through the collection of poems. Adventure wellness program experiences can serve as a platform for continual learning whereby the passage of time and reflection can further enhance self-concept, competencies, emotional and spiritual fulfillment and psychosocial integration. Learning from how the youth process their Peace Bus program experiences, I provide implications for how participants and social work practitioners can better support one’s ongoing growth upon completing an adventure wellness program.

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