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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Dr. Manuel Riemer

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This research explores to what extent young job seekers are attracted to working in green buildings and the processes underlying their potential attraction. An exploratory sequential mixed methods design research is employed that involves two studies. In Study One, ten semi-structured interviews were conducted with university students in southwestern Ontario who identified as young (18 – 25 years old) job seekers. Based on insights from the interviews, Study Two obtained responses from 273 young job seekers across Canada to an online survey about their attraction to green buildings. This research shows that green buildings on their own are not a primary decision factor for young job seekers. In fact, many individuals seem to have little understanding of what a green office building is. However, green building do have the potential to increase the positive image of organizations as they send signals to job seekers about a firm’s emphasis on creating a supportive culture and valuing the environment. The image of the organization and its culture are, in turn, key decision-making factors for young job seekers. Thus, this research shows that the positive impact of green buildings on the decision-making of young job seekers cannot be assumed but needs to be leveraged by highlighting the specific features of green buildings and clearly linking the building to the organization’s corporate identity.

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