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Master of Kinesiology (MKin)


Kinesiology and Physical Education


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Dr. Kimberley Dawson

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Multi-purpose organizations, such as community centres, provide opportunities for individuals to participate in various physical and social activities. Although, it has been well established that community centres provide the opportunity and environment to promote health behaviour changes among older adults (Jones et al., 2013; Stewart, 1997; Wallace et al., 1998), there is a dearth of research differentiating between physically active and non-active community centre programming. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate whether participating in community centre programming influenced four key measures of perceived psychological well-being, as well as, to evaluate whether the perceived psychological well-being of community centre program participants was differentially influenced by their participation in physically active based programs or non-active based programs. Data was collected at two time points, once at the beginning of the fall programming and once at the end of the fall programming at the community centres, using several questionnaires. A total of 45 participants, 31 females and 14 males, between the ages of 65 and 90 years, completed the study (M=75.67, SD=7.67). Results indicated that although the participants at the community centres were already stable in their assessment of their perceived psychological well-being, due to their experience and longevity of attending the community centres, older adults who participated in physically active community centre programs had significantly higher levels of perceived functional independence compared to older adults who participated in non-active community centre programs. The results of the current study provide insight into the important role community centres play on both an individual level for many older adults and on a global level as well, for our healthcare system (Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario, 2010).

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