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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Dr. Sean Doherty

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Shopping for second-hand apparel is rapidly growing and has become a notable segment of the retail market. The purpose of this study is to determine what influences consumers when shopping second-hand for apparel products in-store and online. According to the existing literature, a number of key factors play significant roles for second-hand apparel shopping consumer decisions. They include: social, costs, trends and environmental influencers. Past research has not concentrated in-depth on the hedonistic and social influences of second-hand apparel shopping, financial factors, and time spent shopping for second-hand apparel. This study has observed the socio-demographic profile of second-hand shoppers, what location is preferred for shopping, and what influences them in their purchase decision-making. Quantitative research methods were used to observe consumer behavior, shopping attitudes both in-store and online, and socio-demographics. Surveys were conducted with 157 participants, in-person and online. The results of the study show the key factors which influence second-hand apparel shopping are social, economic, and environmental. The majority of shopping for second-hand apparel is in-store, more women are shopping than men and, perceived value and social influence are the key to what drives consumers to shop and purchase while income is not a key indicator. The findings of this study further our understanding of consumers of second-hand apparel, where they shop, and what influences them. This provides needed information to second-hand retailers to better tailor shopping environments.

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