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Master of Education (MEd)




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Dr. Julie Mueller

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Thesis Advisor


Ongoing training for unregulated care providers (UCPs) in Ontario is required to meet the care needs of the aging population. Inconsistencies in standards and options for formal training for UCPs as well as the evolving complex needs of the aging population are factors contributing to needing training programs for UCPs in the workforce. This thesis examined the delivery and transfer of professional learning for UCP training in resident centred care. Increasing resident-centred care behaviours and knowledge were the primary aims of the training. One 128-bed long-term care home in southwestern Ontario volunteered to participate in this study while providing the Excellence in Resident Centred Care (ERCC) program for the UCPs in their home. A total of six participants completed the ERCC program during the study while six control participants were also involved in completing the evaluation measures. In self-evaluations, participants ranked themselves on a scale of how often they demonstrated resident-centred care behaviours. Observations from the researcher also provided further evidence of implementation of behaviours. Knowledge was evaluated through mid-course and final course tests and the ERCC program was evaluated through participant surveys related to content, delivery method, and the peer facilitator model of the program. Though there was limited data in the course delivery evaluation, results from self-evaluations and observations indicated that UCPs were indeed implementing resident-centred care behaviours in practice. Quantitative data indicated differences in participant self-evaluated behaviours between control and intervention groups. Conclusions guide the direction for future research and development of ongoing UCP training in long-term care.

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