Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Global Governance

Program Name/Specialization

Global Political Economy


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

Dr. Andrew F. Cooper

Advisor Role

Doctoral Supervisor

Second Advisor

Dr. Eric Helleiner

Third Advisor

Dr. Will Coleman, Dr. Randy Wigle


This dissertation seeks to explore how sub-national levels of the state promote the development of new industrial sectors. To do so this dissertation builds on a series of theoretical perspectives on the role of the state in the economy and develops a unique view of how sub-national states coalesce and contrast within these perspectives. It does so through a series of empirical case studies focused on sub-national jurisdictions in North America that highlight diverse varieties of state actions that contribute, if not lead, industrial transitions and the development of new innovation-oriented industrial sectors. In so doing, the dissertation presents a complex interplay of roles and strategies that highlight the inadequacy of existing theoretical frameworks and the manner in which these frameworks are relevant at the sub-national level. The result contributes significant empirical depth to existing understandings of the role of the state and, in addition, builds new empirical and theoretical understanding of how the sub-national level interacts in processes of economic and industrial transition.

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