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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Robb Travers

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As an arm of a greater study that investigates the impacts of PEI's abortion restriction over the past two decades, "Don't talk about it" explores the situation from the perspective of support people and advocates to abortion access including; their emotional experiences of support and advocacy, the associated risks and repercussions, as well as their understandings of the barriers, facilitators and impacts of compromised access to off-Island services for PEI women and girls. Key findings show an overarching culture of silence and blame surrounding abortion on PEI, reinforced by stigma and repercussions for those speaking out. This silence serves to limit the voices of support people, advocates and women seeking the procedure, limiting awareness and stifling attempts at systemic change. However, the recent cultural and policy changes that have emerged since the time of data collection may represent a shift away from this harmful cultural silence. Recommendations for policy change include providing local and streamlined access to abortion, as well as breaking the silence at the individual, community and systemic levels.

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