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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Dr. Ketan Shankardass

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Thesis Supervisor


In response to the growing problem of working poverty around the world, a grassroots movement has emerged and spread internationally in the last two decades. This movement proposes the adoption of living wage policies and practice as part of a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy in the context of the neoliberal retrenchment of social safety nets. While successful at the local government level in the USA and the U. K., the movement has struggled to make inroads into the private sector, which is where the bulk of sub-living-wage jobs are situated. Using a qualitative methodology informed by critical theory, this study endeavours to uncover the underexplored perspective of private sector employers in a jurisdiction where living wage legislation is still absent. On the eve of the launch of Manitoba’s living wage campaign, it seeks to understand the perspectives of Manitoban employers in key industries with large numbers of sub-living wage workers. It contributes valuable insight into the factors that must be considered when attempting to engage the elusive private sector in voluntary adoption of living wage practices.

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