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Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos

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Parent engagement that focuses on building relationships and increasing social capital has a positive impact on student outcomes. However, one of the greatest challenges new teachers face is working with parents in support of children’s learning. The need to better prepare teachers points to an enhanced curriculum of parent engagement during preservice teacher education.

Ontario faculties of education were surveyed regarding planned implementation of new accreditation guidelines for parent engagement. Document reviews of existing and modified teacher education programs were conducted. Participants reported parent engagement pedagogy in modified programs had somewhat increased and believed teacher candidates would be ‘somewhat’ to ‘quite a bit’ better prepared to engage parents. Document reviews found limited practical opportunities, integration, and consistency in exposure to parent engagement pedagogy.

Implications for faculties of education include facilitating preservice teacher candidates’ capacity for relationship building, increasing social capital through greater home-school-community partnerships, and greater practical opportunities. Ontario faculties of education should continue to grow the strength of preservice teacher education programs with evidence-based research on effective parent engagement pedagogy and practice that challenges traditional perspectives, and that better aligns teacher competencies and expectations in fulfillment of parent engagement related policy.

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