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Master of Arts (MA)




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Dr. Nikolai Kovalev

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis contributes to the growing body of literature on comparative youth justice and policy. By analyzing dilemmas faced by youth in justice systems from the perspective of Canada and Russia, the study argues that professional outlooks have a considerable significance for understanding the legal system and its function, and play an important role in shaping judicial administration concerning juveniles. An investigation into professional perspectives on youth justice is used to formulate an understanding of the issues for young people within the legal systems of the respective regions, the sentencing procedures, and the social and procedural contentions facing youth on an international scale. There is a distinct need to address these issues from a global perspective but also internally from within each system. As such, professional views provide an understanding of how the systems have developed and, more importantly, how they need to change and adjust for the consideration of youth. This study identifies similarities and clear distinctions among professionals’ conceptions of youth justice, enabling us to define and take progressive steps toward improving the administration of justice.

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