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Master of Arts (MA)




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Edward Bennett

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Thesis Committee Member

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James Dudeck

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Thesis Committee Member

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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Committee Member


This study develops an understanding of the process of community development. The first part of the study presents a historical and theoretical consideration of the value of a psychological sense of community and the absence of this in today’s society. This section also introduces the concept of community development and its potential for creating a sense of community within a specific locality.

The research approach is described and is supplemented by an explanation of the role of the researcher as a part of the setting. The researcher’s entry and effort to gain a sense of legitimation in the setting is also discussed. A specific community project was used as the vehicle for this study and community characteristics and project history are illustrated as background for the researcher’s involvement. A model of community development was developed and illustrated through specific activities. The value of a community needs assessment in the community development process is highlighted and illustrated by the researcher’s work in the community.

Finally, this study provides a consideration of the importance of community development, both for its initiators and participants. Based on the research findings and a discussion of their importance, conclusions were made about the value of local community efforts to individual and community health. Insights into community organization practice are presented.

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