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Master of Arts (MA)




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Frederick Binding

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Thesis Supervisor


The Developmental Inventory Scales for Children (DISC) was designed as a screening device for preschool children. The purpose of the study was to assess the validity of the DISC. Twenty male and twenty female preschoolers were observed for three 30 minute sessions and their activities recorded by an observer. The observer then rated each child in each of the areas of the DISC under study. Each child was then rated by his/her teacher and one parent using the same rating scales as had the observer. The DISC was then administered to each child and each of the areas under study was scored. Correlations were first completed among the three sources of ratings and were found to be strongly intercorrelated. The DISC scores were then correlated with the three sources of ratings. The DISC correlated significantly with the ratings in only a few instances. It was concluded that the present form of the DISC does not represent a valid screening device. Additional revision of the DISC is necessary, followed by the collection of additional information regarding the reliability and validity of the revised form.

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