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The topic for this exploratory study arose out of the question “What happens to long term male hospital patients when they return home?” The assumption is that men who have been absent from their homes and families for long term hospital treatment have some difficulty fitting in to the pattern of family life on their return. They may have difficulty in re-establishing a mutually satisfactory relationship with their wives and children. They may find it stress producing to reassume their role in decision making, in exercising authority and in providing economic security and a satisfactory style of living.

The results of this study will indicate to medical social workers when and in what areas treatment around discharge to home situations should begin. This would be preventative social work, following the identification of a potential problem-solving situation. There might be a use for family therapy here in fostering some husband/father role retention and in preparing all members of the family to deal with the necessary adjustment in accommodating the long absent family member. Treatment of patient groups might be a method of helping the men foresee their problems and motivate their resources to deal with them as effectively as possible.

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