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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

George B. Priddle

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Thesis Supervisor


The major objective of this thesis is to develop a location model for golf facilities in Waterloo and Wellington counties. This is achieved by approaching the problem empirically within a systems framework. A description of the physical sites, the population, and the activity is presented, and then the demand for the activity is established by using two techniques: an income regression model, and a minimum population requirements model.

By combining the demand estimates with the distance parameters derived from a golfer questionnaire, a market potential surface map is established. This provides a basis for the analysis of interaction within the system. All the relevant location factors are then drawn together into a location model which is applied to three sites within the study region.

The thesis concludes by stressing the importance of open space and recreation facilities to the urban community and recommends immediate governmental action to be taken to preserve existing golf courses, and to acquire land now for future recreational use.

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