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In January of 1962, Lewis Arnold Koenigsberg, in completing the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology in the Graduate School of Syracuse University, submitted his dissertation entitled: Achievement Motivation. This particular essay is an analysis of that dissertation.

The purpose of Koenigsberg’s study was to examine the influence of certain child training practices in the development of the need for achievement and also the relationship between achievement motivation and intra-family interaction and selected personality traits. Thus, the relationship between certain dependent variables, such as—home background, personality characteristics and relationships with other family members—and, the independent variable—need achievement—was studied. Since two measuring devices were used to test the hypotheses, it was necessary not only to determine the relationship of each of the dependent variables, but also to determine the relationship of these two measures to each other, and whether or not there was a difference in the relationships of the two measures to the dependent variables.

The essay is divided into two parts. Part I is a critical and thorough analysis of Koenigsberg’s dissertation on Achievement Motivation. Part II takes on a much broader perspective as it attempts to relate the implications of this study to social work knowledge and practice.

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