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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Gunars Subins

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Thesis Supervisor


The purpose of the study was to ascertain if infiltration and temperature varied significantly among the selected soil types of the Smithfield, Otonabee, Wendigo and Farmington Series. These data were gathered from field tests performed during the summer months in Ontario and Victoria Counties.

A stopwatch was used to measure the number of seconds that were required for 0.8 inches of water to disappear into the soil inside a 4 inch diameter single ring infiltrometer which had been placed one inch into the soil surface. The soil temperature was recorded at the same time.

The sites were chosen by stratified random sampling from the above soil series as depicted on the Ontario and Victoria County Soil Survey maps. A soil sample from each test site was taken to the laboratory for mechanical analysis.

Analysis of the infiltration data showed that the soil types differed in their initial infiltration response. Also mechanical analysis differentiated some of the soil series into separate soil types. The Student’s ‘t’ Test indicated that both initial infiltration and temperature were indicators of soil types.

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