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Master of Arts (MA)




Faculty of Science

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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Supervisor


Sixteen children in grades 1–6, displaying antisocial behavior, as judged by teachers, guidance counsellors, principals and parents, participated in an 18 week social skills training program. The effectiveness of the program was assessed using a pre-test, post-test non-equivalent comparison group design and a multiple baseline analysis of individual children’s daily positive and negative behavior as rated by teachers. The comparison group consisted of 16 social skilled children, as judged by teachers, guidance counsellors and principals. Results indicated that the antisocial children had as much knowledge of social skills as socially skilled children before the intervention program began and they gained even more knowledge after participating in the program. The pre-post tests showed little improvement in the overall behavior of the children who participated in the program. However, the daily report data indicated that specific negative behaviors significantly decreased during the program. Results were discussed in terms of the need for a more intensive, long-term intervention program focusing on the child&38217;s natural environment to modify the child’s overall behavior.

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