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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

George B. Priddle

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Thesis Supervisor


From the Resources for Tomorrow Conference held in 1961 came the recommendation for more research in the field of Recreation. With this challenge the thesis outlines various studies dealing with the classification and inventory of recreation lands. Because of the lack of correlation found to exist between the expected location of recreation sites based upon a capability classification and the observed locations of inventoried recreation sites, further analysis was undertaken. The results indicate that the potential of an outdoor rural recreation site is largely a function of historical, physical, accessibility, population, activity/facility and economic/political factors. These parameters, used in a systems behavioural approach, are analyzed using Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada as a study base. Essentially, they form a basic model that can be used by the recreation planner to identify, investigate and more comprehensively understand the real potential of an area for outdoor recreation use.

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