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Master of Arts (MA)




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Angelo Santi

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Thesis Supervisor


136 obese adults, 119 females and 17 males, all at least 15% over their ideal weight, participated in a ten week self-administered bibliotherapy treatment of obesity. The study examined the relationship between socio-economic status, locus of control, field dependence and their interaction terms and success-failure and terminating-remaining in a totally self-administered behavioural self-help treatment. A multiple regression data analytic strategy was used for data analysis. Significant relationships were found between locus of control and total number of lessons completed and success-failure. Also, significant relationships were found between participants’ age and locus of control and terminating-remaining. The marginal results of the Rotter (1966) I-E scale were discussed in terms of the failure of the scale to discriminate a self-control dimension of internal control. The results of the age variable were discussed in terms of increased health consciousness and illness proneness of the older obese person. The strong effect of the total number of lessons completed was discussed in terms of turning from demographic and personality predictors to behavioural predictors, with particular emphasis on single subject research designs to determine the important behavioural dimensions which prevent staying in treatment.

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