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The problem area is evaluation of service by foster parents. My concern with this problem stems first from a general concern for what recipients of service value or devalue in that service. There is sparse available data in this area. John E. Mayer and Noel Timms state that “For many years caseworkers have experimented with different ways of helping people. Curiously, the resultant innovations have stemmed not from the client’s perception of what is helpful, but from the practitioner’s. Moreover, with few exceptions, the effectiveness of help has been judged by the persons offering, not receiving, help. In a word the client has rarely been asked what kind of help he wants or what he thinks of the help that has been given.” (Mayer, p. 32). Secondly, my concern stems from the fact that of many foster homes recruited and licensed, many are soon lost without clear reason from the agency’s point of view. It is hoped that if foster parents are encouraged to evaluate the service they expect or receive, new ideas for service and/or its differential use in foster homes might result in better maintenance of foster care for all concerned.

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