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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Bruce Young

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Thesis Supervisor


Based upon the need for the generation of simple models which could be utilized for development planning in the Third World, arguments have been advanced for the use of periodic market components as convenient framework, since among other things, they exhibit varying degrees of central importance through which myriads of people, goods, services and information flow. In south-east Ghana, the marked flow of events through these markets, seems to be intricately webbed from the small places from which goods and people originate through the intermediate towns into the national economy.

In this thesis, attention will be focussed on the spatial distributional structure and patterns in the functioning of these periodic markets in south-east Ghana, a predominantly rural area. The purpose of the project is the identification of some planning sub-units through which the intricate web of flow of events are marked. The end-product is to provide some framework for an integrated development study of that rural part of Ghana under study. Graph-theoretic measures are freely used to design the framework of analysis; the analysis itself is based on a location-allocation model.

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