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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Russell Muncaster

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Thesis Supervisor


Since Louis Roy started Ontario’s first newspaper in 1793, the newspaper industry has been growing. Daily and weekly newspapers were born and either survived to the present or died at some later date. Newspapers appeared to have followed the spread of settlement throughout the province, until a saturation level was reached. After this only minor filling in occurred except in the Toronto to Hamilton region where suburban weeklies were started. The threshold population needed to support the birth of a daily or weekly appeared to fall within the 1200-2000 range and 500-1000 range respectively. The growth of newspapers was steady until the turn of the twentieth century when a decline occurred. This decline was followed by a second rise, with the birth of suburban weekly newspapers. Newspaper Chains appeared to be the force behind this second rise and the birth of the suburban weeklies.

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