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Master of Arts (MA)




Faculty of Science

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Donald Morgenson

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Thesis Supervisor


Troubled and troubling youth have been the focus of interest for generations of mankind. Modern society has chosen to deal with its “delinquent” youth in characteristically alienating ways. This thesis looks in depth at the development of community psychology, the history of the juvenile court system and corrections, the literature of troubled and troubling youth, and the history of the community of Kitchener-Waterloo in an effort to understand the current situation for youth in our culture. Theintent of the thesis was to develop a Group Home Committee which would focus the interest and energy of some members of a community towards less alienating forms of community planning for change. The struggle with learning about and planning activities which would improve the environment and the lives of some young people living in the community are discussed in historical context and related to an underlying conceptual framework regarding man in society and the role of a researcher-consultant (change agent).

The conclusions are concerned with a re-examination of the roles that government institutions, community agencies, small working groups and invidiausl can and do play in the development of a community’s healthiness. Also modifications of the original model of the role of a researcher-consultant when working with community agencies in a planning group are discussed.

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