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The purpose of this thesis is to present a scholarly English translation, with appropriate background matter and historico-theological material, of Caspar von Schwenckfeld’s Commentary on the Augsburg Confession, written sometime during or after Autumn, 1531. There is a brief biographical chapter, as well as short chapters on Schwenckfeld’s relationship with Luther and Melanchthon, and a synopsis of Schwenckfeld’s theology, with special emphasis on themes presented in this Commentary (religious liberty, concept of the Church). The text of Document 103 of the Corpus Schwenckfeldianorum (Vol. III, pp. 862-940, No. 58 in the so-called “P” Epistolar) is translated with notes and comments. Three appendices are added to round out the thesis: 1. Paul Gerhard Eberlein’s article “Schwenckfelds Urteil über die Augsburger Confession,” from the Jahrbuch für schlesishe Kirche und Kirchengeschichte (1955), p. 53-63, is translated into English for the first time. 2. An excerpt from Christian August Salig’s Vollständige Historie der Augsburgischen Confession (Bd. III, pp. 984-8) is also translated for the first time. 3. A brief consideration of Schwenckfeld’s use of St. John Chrysostom is added to conclude the presentation.

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