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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Jerry Hall

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Thesis Supervisor


The first objective of this study is to examine the transition from the traditional system of agriculture to a relatively new type of operation, the beef feedlot enterprise. This will incldue not only an examination of the actual transition but also the factors which were conducive to such a change. In this respect, the current, as well as the past position of beef in the agricultural economy, will be discussed as a contributing factor to the movement toward specialization. The views and attitudes of the framers in the study group concerning their change in vocation will also be examined and evaluated as an important indicator concerning the relative success of the beef feedlot venture.

The second objective is to analyze the economics of the operations of a selected group of feedlot operations who are located in Waterloo County and who, recently, initiated the modification of their existing farm facilities to feedlot requirements. The economic situation of a system in transition is of major concern in determining the viability of the operation. The analysis will basically include a discussion and comparison of various resources common to a feedlot operation and the relative efficiency with which these resources are used by the study group memebrs. Here also, an indication will be given concernign the possible effect that the size of operation has on the use made of the resources contributing to the overall success of the operation.

The third objective of the study is to provide for the reader some factual information on the beef feedlot system and to better acquaint the reader with this type of operation. This will involve a consideration of various methods of livestock production within the feedlot as well as an overview of some of teh characteristics and functions of a beef feedlot operation.

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