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Master of Arts (MA)




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Edward Bennett

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Thesis Supervisor


The present study, placed in an historical context of care for the mentally retarded, examines the creation and development of a Community Residence for retarded adults. The Residence is described as a system of interrelating groups (the retarded adults, the director and staff, the parents, the Advisory Committee members) whose patterns of communication and interaction affect the nature of the program. The primary sources of data are the observations of the author who was a participant in the develop[ment of the facility and the results of a survey of each of the system’s groups. The survey results indicate some differences in perception amongst the groups but a general consensus of marked positive development since the opening. Some of the initial difficulties involved in the creation of this setting are examined, particularly the varied expectations for program held by the different system members. Through a number of dynamics as the setting developed, the initial difficulties were overcome. The survey results reflect the perception of system members that the situation did improve over time.

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