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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science


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Steven D. Brown

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Thesis Committee Member

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Marc D. Kilgour

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Thesis Committee Member

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John H. Redekop

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Quebec-U.S. interactions frm 1976 to 1980 are analysed in relation to American apprehension over the election of the Parti Quebecois and the P.Q. government’s ability to accommodate the American economic community.Analysis of this interaction is conducted in terms of the risks to corporate operations posed by P.Q. policies and the effect of P.Q. communications on corporate perceptions of this risk. A formal bargaining model—developed using the concept from game theory of “critical risk”—forms the theoretical basis for explaining changes in the American response. Each province’s economic transactions with the U.S. are described along with provincial influences on Canadian foreign policy. Quebec-U.S. interactions are viewed as a case study of the sub-national perspective in international relations.

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