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Beginning with James Parkes and Jules Isaac, and continuing even until this day, extensive effort has been focused on the issue of Christian-Jewish relations. The Holocaust is a topic central to those reflections. This is due to the general acceptance of the thesis that, in some fashion, Christianity can be described as having contributed to the Holocaust. To appreciate that thesis one need only consider Hitler's own remarks, made at the 1933 Concordat Conference, "I am only continuing the work of the Catholic Church: to isolate the Jews and fight their influence." One outcome of the effort has been courageous writings by select Christian thinkers. This paper will review the writings of one individual who can today be described as a veteran of the Dialogue, Dr. John T. Pawlikowski, O.S.M. We will focus particularly on evidence that the Holocaust itself serves as the catalyst for the innovative theological content in Pawlikowski's writings. Prior to reviewing his writings this paper will summarize the "Holocaust question" as it is put to Christianity. We will continue by considering some attempts to answer that question. Finally we will explore some of the suggested solutions to the problems unveiled by the answers and react to some of the discussion surrounding those solutions. Following our discussion of Pawlikowski, the paper will conclude with some personal reactions and reflections.

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