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Colleen Loomis

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Over the years research has examined various aspects of Women Parenting with Women (WPW) and their families. The focus of the research on these families has to an extent, been influenced by the social and political debates throughout the years that saw these families struggle through one challenge to the next. Through these challenges, research has examined the claims and accusations for and against these families, generating information on the mental health and suitability of same-sex parents, the well-being of their children, and how these families function without a nuclear family structure. As the social and political climate continues to warm (in some countries) to these individuals and families, research has yet to shift its focus to what these families need in order to flourish and succeed in their goals of achieving well-being in their everyday lives. In light of this gap in the literature, the current research examined WPW in Southern Ontario, Canada, who were planning on becoming parents or who were parents of children. A qualitative exploration often interviews (five pre-parents and five parents) revealed that these women had a number of needs that if met, would have greatly assisted them in their efforts to reach their family goals. A number of needs were presented, ranging from accessible, accurate information, to having more social outlets (both formal and informal) available for women to interact with other women undergoing similar experiences. Findings from this study are useful to service providers and regions that would be interested in providing inclusive, comprehensive services for women parenting with women.

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