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Master of Science (MSc)


Kinesiology and Physical Education


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Kimberley Dawson

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Thesis Supervisor


First year student athletes transitioning from high school to university experience simultaneous transitions in athletics, academics, social lives, family structures, support systems, and peer sport groups. These changes in their personal, social and occupational lives, can impact them cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally (Taylor & Ogilvie, 1994). The purpose of this study was to qualitatively examine the multi-dimensional transition experience of first-year collegiate athletes transitioning to higher level sports. A sample of eleven female varsity hockey, basketball, or volleyball athletes participated in two semi-structured interviews at beginning of the season and midseason. The first series of interviews were conducted face-to-face, with the subsequent follow-up interview performed either over MSN Messenger or face-to-face based on the preference of the participant. Participants believed they had transitioned successfully into athletics, academics, and their new social environment. Support was found for successful transitions into the athletic and social domains. However, only two of the eleven participants appeared to have successfully transitioned academically. Future directions and recommendations based on these findings are addressed.

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