Editor’s note: The George Metcalf Archival Collection at the Canadian War Museum has a thick file of original materials related to the 22nd Battalion’s role in the battle of Courcelette including messages written by its commander, Lieutenant-Colonel T.L. Tremblay, and after action reports, many hand-written, by future Dominion Archivist Lieutenant-Colonel Gustav Lanctot. Nothing is known about the provenance of this file. It was in storage at the museum when, in 1971, serious efforts began to assemble disparate documentary materials into a proper archives collection. The file presents a splendid opportunity for someone to complete an in-depth account of the 22nd’s role in the battle.

The following narrative is included in the file. Neither its author nor the date that it was written is known. It is presented here to provides a taste of what is in the file and an idea of the ferocity of the fighting that the 22nd experienced at Courcelette.