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Natural organic matter (NOM) samples isolated from different water sources in Norway were compared using their fluorescence properties. Fluorescence surfaces were observed at pH 4.36 and deconvoluted using SIMPLISMA (Windig and Guilment 1991). There were a total of seven different fluorophores observed for these samples and each sampling site had between four and six ofthe fluorescent components. These components were observed to bind Al during titrations at the same pH. Multiresponse titration curves were fit using the method of Smith and Kramer (1998) and most of the binding strengths are similar to values for Suwannee River fulvic acid (1ogK’ between 4.8 and 5.5), but there are strong sites (IogK’ = 7) and weak sites (1ogK’ between 3 and 4) also observed. Results depended on the isolation method used; reverse osmosis and low pressure evaporation yielded different values but with no consistent trends.

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