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One-dimensional metal–organic coordination polymers make up a class of compounds with potential towards the development of practical, new magnetic materials. Herein, a rare example of an ABBABB coupled linear chain comprised of alternating dicopper(II) tetraacetate units bridged to copper(II) acetate monomer units via axial η212 coordinated acetate is reported. Examination of the structure, determined by small molecule X-ray crystallography, shows that each Cu(II) ion is in a dx2–y2 magnetic ground state. Magnetic susceptibility and magnetization data were collected and, consistent with the structural interpretation, demonstrate that the Cu(II) dimer (paddlewheel) exhibits classic antiferromagnetic exchange, while the S = 1/2 Cu(II) monomer is uncompensated in the ground state (low temperature regime.) Data were therefore fitted to a modified Bleaney-Bowers model, and results were consistent with the only other reported chain in this class for which magnetic data are available.


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