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As the social construction of bullying remains an important area of research, to date, much of the academic research has treated bullying within a psychological framework. This research project took a different approach towards bullying in childhood. From a sociological perspective, this study examined the portrayals of childhood bullying presented within various mass print parenting magazines. A social constructionist approach guided this media content analysis, while guiding questions were used to assess the data.

Results indicate that childhood bullies, victims, and bystanders are all affected by bullying episodes. It is characterized as a common issue, often occurring on the schoolyard playground, or within the confines of a classroom setting. With greater emphasis placed on intensive parenting, parents are encouraged to remain in constant contact with their child, looking for signs of bullying. This included: lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, and reluctance to go to school.

This research project contributes to the current literature available, through examination of various social constructions within the media. It remains an important area of research as childhood bullying is viewed as an increasing social problem.