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The Effects of Traffic Related Air Pollution and Proposed Legal Remedies


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This paper intends to examine the environmental issues that accompany air pollution generated from traffic related incidents, and the implications that this mass-generated pollution has on air quality, as well as the quality of life of humans exposed chronically to airborne carcinogens. Traffic related air pollution is an environmental problem that is heightened by urban design and population demographics such as urban sprawl, spatial distribution, population density, and infrastructure design. Furthermore, this paper will scrutinize Canadian legislation that regulates traffic related air pollutants, and develop an argument for how to apply legislation going forward. As Cartier, Benmarinha, and Brousselle (2015) identify, the mechanisms of air quality intervention are overlooked, which is necessary for producing effective legislation. The objective of this paper is to gain insight on a quantifiable problem, and to prescribe solutions through legislation, in order to regulate an issue which presents heath complications on a generational level.