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Social Justice and Community Engagement


The literature review for this Major Research Project (MRP) documents research on violence against Indigenous women and leads to the following observation: if we look at the historical roots of why these women become targets of violence today, we realize that Indigenous men were also the targets of this very same historical colonial violence. Yet, research has shown that Indigenous males have largely been studied from the perspective of the perpetrators of violence and never as victims (Brownbridge, 2008; Brzozowski et al., 2006; Chenault, 2011; Dylan et al., 2008; Innes, 2015; RCMP, 2014; RCMP, 2015; Statistics Canada, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006; Thibodeau et al., 2013; Weaver, 2009). The question then becomes, why are Indigenous males not being researched as victims of violence, and why do we only view them as perpetrators of violence?