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Master of Arts (MA)




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Dr. Andrew Welsh

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Thesis Supervisor

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Dr. Lauren Eisler

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Second Committee Member and Reader


In recent years, found-footage horror films have reappeared with increasing popularity, leading to its recognition as the current horror subgenre du jour. Its amateur style of filmmaking has allowed the subgenre to explore public concerns around the growth of technology, the use of surveillance, and crime control. Found-footage horror films offer a unique platform for analysis as they are framed around presenting the ‘footage’ in the film as factual or reality. In this research study, themes and narratives around the use of surveillance and the production of the docile body in found-footage horror films were examined. The study involved an ethnographic content analysis of 20 films, categorized under the ‘found-footage horror’ subgenre. Based on an analysis of the data, the study’s findings conclude that the FFH films in the sample are both critical and supportive of surveillance.

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