Aims & Scope

The focus of Consensus is public theology understood in a broad sense. The contents are of interest to Canadian Lutherans and others both in Canada and around the world. The ELCIC is a full communion partner of the Anglican Church of Canada. Moreover, students at our seminaries come from a wide diversity of religious (and non-religious) backgrounds. As a result, Consensus publishes material that covers a wide array of subject matter and is addressed to a wide constituency.

In addition to in-depth articles, Consensus contains sermons, book reviews, and research.

Call for Papers for Special Issue - Seeing Through the Eyes of the Other

Guest Editors: Brice Balmer, Bob Chodos, Nancy Kelly, and Sarah Shafiq

This issue will be edited by a committee of Interfaith Grand River and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary faculty.

Consensus is excited to announce a special issue entitled Seeing Through the Eyes of the Other. This issue will explore how individuals and/or groups gain perspective and change attitudes and understandings as a result of relationships with people of other faiths and belief systems.

For this issue, we welcome your submissions. Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Inter-connection and inter-religious learning and collaboration
  • Interfaith response to community issues and concerns
  • Inter-spirituality
  • Negotiating politics as one encounters differing faiths
  • Integrating experiences with people or texts from other faiths into one's own perspectives and understandings
  • Finding common ethical stances and working together
  • Inter-religious harmony and involvements

While Consensus typically publishes articles, sermons, and book reviews, submissions in other formats will be also considered for this issue. Please contact Brice Balmer with any of your ideas or questions.

  • bbalmer@wlu.ca
  • (519) 884-0710 x3927

The deadline for submission is March 1, 2018. Please send your submissions as an MS Word attachment to Brice Balmer. Please review the Submission rules and requirements